It may appear that CBD has emerged overnight as an option of treatment in the health and wellness space, which is true from the point of view of marketing. Oddly enough, it has been a substance of interest for scientists since around the 20th-century mid. In spite of that, studies involving cannabidiol has been few and far between since then. The lack of CBD research has been owing to cannabis’s legality and the skepticism on the plant for the last century.

The Agricultural Amendment Act has effectively legalized the sale and usage of CBD, containing only trace amounts of THC. This seemed to disrupt the global market for CBD, but it is technically an element of cannabis, which is not legal at a federal level. Regardless of the gray area, several animals and people have been consuming CBD.

The most popular CBD products on the market come as oil. A CBD oil product is cannabidiol-dominant. A CBD isolate product will have almost pure cannabidiol content because of how it is made.

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