Using CBD Oil for Relieving Arthritis Pain

Best CBD Oil For Insomnia
Best CBD Oil For Insomnia
CBD Oil For Relieving Arthritis

Several studies are coming up with the suggestion that cannabidiol (CBD) oil can be used for treating arthritis. CBD oil is prepared using CBD extracts from Cannabis Sativa and is widely used to relieve the pain associated with some of the chronic health conditions such as arthritis. 

Use of CBD Oil for Relieving Arthritis Pain

Arthritis, which is one of the main causes of disability in the US, has been affecting more than fifty million people in the country. Rheumatoid arthritis and Osteoarthritis are the two common types of arthritis that affect people. 

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s joints are attacked by his/her immune system. This condition often affects the hands and feet of the person leading to causing pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints. 

Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects the bones and cartilages of a person resulting in causing pain and stiffness. It also affects the knee, thump joints and hip of the person. 

Several studies were carried out in animals, most of their results suggesting the use of CBD to treat the inflammatory pain associated with arthritis. A popular study which was conducted in 2017 found CBD to be reducing the inflammatory pain in rats. In addition to this, studies conducted in 2014, 2016 and 2017 gave conclusions that the use of CBD would be effective in treating osteoarthritis, that the application of CBD has the potent to reduce the inflammation and pain caused by arthritis, and that the use of CBD might be safe for treating the joint pain associated with osteoarthritis, respectively. 

However, not enough scientific shreds of evidence are available for proving that CBD is an effective way to treat arthritis in humans, to date. A study carried out in the year 2016 found out that a cannabis-infused mouth spray named Sativex helped relieve the pain of arthritis. However, the spray contained extracts of both cannabidiol and THC. 

CBD Oil and Chronic Pain

CBD gets attached to the specialized receptors of the brain and immune system after it gets absorbed by the body. CB2 receptors are one of those receptors which play a major role in managing pain and inflammation. The CBD entering a person’s body is believed to get attached to these receptors which then cause the body to produce more natural cannabinoids; it may then get attached to the CB2 receptors. Either way, it is believed that the CB2 receptors respond to the receiving signals which, in turn, help in reducing the pain and inflammation in patients.