Can Cannabidiol Help Reduce Coronavirus Pandemic-Induced Anxiety?

CBD Gummies Effects
CBD Gummies Effects
CBD Oil For Anxiety
CBD Oil For Anxiety

Anxiety can stem from a number of factors. For some individuals, it is the fear of the unknown that causes the health condition. With the novel coronavirus disease taking its toll on populations around the world, that kind of fear has been creeping into people’s minds. Two of the reasons to worry for them have been the lack of a COVID-19 vaccine and the pace at which the disease spreads.

With COVID-19 cases continuing to increase and with strict ordinances in place, people have no choice except to adjust themselves to a life with social distancing and self-isolation. Many governments and organizations around the globe have realized the potential negative effects of these preventive measures on mental health. This is among the reasons why they have started to offer online counseling services for all sorts of people.

However, relying on internet-based counseling is not an option for all. Despite the development and proliferation of internet services, not every person in the world has a reliable internet connection. This is when many would wish to rely on a more natural and easily accessible solution than virtual counseling. People have just that kind of solution in the form of cannabidiol, a cannabis-based compound. Should you buy CBD oil for anxiety? Here is what research says.

How Can Cannabidiol Oil Help One With Anxiety And Stress In This COVID-19 Time?

Albeit you are yet to use any particular CBD item, you might be aware of the relaxing properties of cannabidiol. Also known as CBD, it is among the many different phytocannabinoids present in cannabis herbs, namely marijuana and industrial hemp. It lacks a psychotropic or mind-altering effect, unlike its phytocannabinoid cousin tetrahydrocannabinol. Therefore, many individuals regard it as a safe and efficacious option of treatment for an array of health conditions, including mental depression and anxiety.

Much before the cannabidiol market evolved to its present state, the botanical compound has been billed as a possible treatment for anxiety disorders for a long time. According to a piece of research in 2011, cannabidiol could help to ease the levels of anxiety in individuals who have different forms of social anxiety disorder. In a study done in 2019, 80% of patients had signs of betterment after using cannabidiol as a complementary option to their standard treatment for three consecutive months.

There is ongoing research to completely understand the way in which cannabidiol works to treat health disorders including anxiety. CBD is thought to have calming properties, which are associated with the way in which its compounds interact with the human endocannabinoid system.

The body can also create its own cannabinoids, referred to as endocannabinoids. It producing endogenous cannabinoids has an effect on functions like memory, behavior, sleep and mood. When cannabidiol gets into the body, the compound will interact with brain-based cannabinoid receptors. This way, it will modulate not only stress response but also emotional learning.

Cannabidiol eases the nerve-related things that happen in the stress areas of the human brain. The neural activity’s reduction then has the kind of effect on stress signals that help to deal with anxiety. Furthermore, cannabidiol may regulate cortisol secretion. For an uninitiated, cortisol is a hormone, and its levels in the body might have a positive effect on stress, fear, and anxiety.

Dealing With Stress In A Global Pandemic Period

Cannabidiol oil is regarded as a better treatment option for anxiety than every other form of CBD item available in the market. This is because cannabidiol oil has a faster onset of action as compared to other CBD products out there. If it is your first time using cannabidiol for anxiety, we recommend beginning with dosages of between 15 and 20 milligrams and notice the effects. This is regarded as a medium CBD dosage range, so anything in this range might suffice at the start. That said, some individuals may need a lower or higher dosage to have the desired effect.

Anyhow, we would not recommend using only cannabidiol to deal with issues such as chronic anxiety. You will have better results by doing some other activities such as meditation and physical workouts, alongside using cannabidiol. Doing so will help you to have sufficient sleep at night. If possible, limit the use of social networking websites, to not be much exposed to fake news and other distressing information. These pieces of information could just increase your anxiety, so be sure to do whatever it takes to avoid being exposed to them.

Besides, be sure to communicate with your loved ones. Albeit you cannot do it in person due to social distancing guidelines, talking about your worries with them over the phone will reduce not just anxiety but also your loneliness. Remember, when anxiety gets excessively overwhelming, consider consulting your primary care physician.