The Distinct Features Of Cannabidiol

CBD Oil For Anxiety
CBD Oil For Anxiety
Features Of Cannabidiol

There is a misconception prevailing in the society that CBD and THC are both different names denoting cannabis or marijuana. But, it is not. Even though cannabidiol and Tetra Hydro Cannabinoid are both elements extracted from cannabis, the properties of both are entirely different. The main difference is that, the usage of THC will cause a psychoactive effect on the user, while the usage of CBD will never cause the same effect.

To know more about both these elements, it is necessary to understand the origin of both. CBD is an element extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant, while THC is obtained from the Cannabis Indica plant. Even though both these plants come under the same family of marijuana plants, THC can only be found in the Cannabis Indica plant. Since both these substances are obtained from the same source, there are several similarities among both CBD and THC, and some of them are as follows.

Similarities Between CBD and THC

The main features that coincide between both CBD and THC are its chemical structure, molecular formation, etc. Both these elements are a mixture of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. One of the major characteristics that connect both these elements is that, both of them are Photo-Cannabinoids which can work together with the Endocannabinoid System present in the human body. Both CBD and THC are non-soluble in water but it can be dissolved in other liquids like lipids and alcohol. Even though there are a few similarities between the both, the usage of CBD can provide several benefits to the human body, while the usage of THC will create a lot of ill effects on the user. It is this feature that makes CBD different from the rest of the elements present in the cannabis plants.

Benefits of CBD

There are a lot of advantages to the usage of CBD. Since it contains an anti-inflammation and pain removing properties, it is one of the best pain-relieving medicine available in the market. As mentioned above in this article, CBD is a perfect element that can work together with the ECS, it enables the better functioning and protection of the nervous system and also helps in the improvement of the immune system in our body. The cellular repairing and regeneration properties of CBD make it a better remedy for skin diseases.

While THC is a potential element that creates a drug, CBD is an element which cannot be excluded from the preparation of several medicines. It is what makes both these natural substances different. Since the health benefits that are derived from cannabidiol are unlimited, it is now legal to use the same in many parts of the world.