Why Use CBD To Delay Aging?

CBD Antioxidant
CBD Antioxidant
CBD Antioxidant
CBD Antioxidant

How much do you know about free radicals? Did you know that a free radical will harm your skin? What exactly is a free radical?

Free radicals are molecules that despite having an unpaired electron can exist freely. They inherit certain properties due to the unpaired electron present in their orbit. They readily react and in case they don’t find any atom to react with, it will lead to oxidative stress, which when happens in the human body causes wrinkles.

The free electrons of the free radicles are worst when they are from oxygen. The damage created by free oxygen radicals is called oxidative damage or oxidation. It damages your DNA, arteries, skin, etc.

Experts typically advise anti-oxidants to treat oxidative stress which is a major component of anti-aging creams and other lotions. However, due to the increased demand of such topicals, people are looking for safer and better options like CBD.

What Is CBD?

You have been living under a rock if you had not heard of CBD till now. CBD is a cannabinoid present in hemp, a plant from the cannabis family. CBD is known for its therapeutic properties and is used widely because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, and other properties.  It is used to treat conditions like insomnia, inflammation, joint and muscle pain, and epilepsy.

How Does CBD Delay Aging?

CBD anti-oxidant properties are the cause of delayed aging symptoms like wrinkle formation. Moreover, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation is never far behind oxidation. If one happens, the other is bound to happen. So, having these two properties, CBD is a superhero fighting against time.

CBD is neuroprotective. This property of CBD is due to its anti-oxidant properties. It was proved in research conducted in the US that glutamate toxicity can be prevented by CBD. They concluded saying that the neuroprotective and the reaction against glutamate toxicity is because of CBD anti-oxidative properties.

The Network Effect

CBD is not the only anti-oxidant you take in. Other anti-oxidants in hemp like vitamin E and the food you have along with CBD will also have anti-oxidants (vitamin C, zinc, and CoQ10). All these different anti-oxidants together increase the overall anti-oxidation effect and this phenomenon is called the network effect. It is similar to the entourage effect observed in CBD extracts where all cannabinoids enhance each other’s properties.

Now, you know why CBD can be used to delay wrinkles from forming on the body.