Should College Students Use CBD?

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Most of us know that CBD or cannabidiol is the main cannabinoid present in industrial hemp, and the cannabis plant. Legally, CBD is extracted from industrial hemp and does not contain the psychoactive compound (THC) in high concentrations, making it safe to consume. Moreover, CBD sourced from industrial hemp is approved by the FDA. Being FDA approved, CBD products are so widespread that they are difficult to ignore them in supermarkets. Now, these products are also available online!

However, the taboo associated with marijuana has affected CBD because of which it is not encouraged by university students. This article is about how and why college students should use CBD.

How Does CBD Affect University Students?

The life of a university student might not seem stressful to others. Being bombarded with assignments, peer pressure, relationship and family issues, and other problems, a student might need something to ease their tension. There is no denying that CBD is the safest option available to calm them down. THC rich marijuana or over the counter anti-depressants might do the trick but their drastic side effects make them less attractive. Another reason why students prefer CBD products is that it is available in different forms like CBD chocolates, tinctures, topicals, etc.

Benefits of CBD for College Students

CBD is known for its unique quality and enormous potential. The promoters of CBD claim that it can be beneficial to students in many ways. Given below are the conditions for which they can use CBD.

Social Anxiety

Once students leave their home, they will come across people from various areas and backgrounds. This sudden change might intimidate them and cause nervousness while interacting with unknown people which will make their life in the campus difficult. Some might feel overwhelmed with the changes and end up being embarrassed. Some might find it difficult even to stand in front of their classmates for a customary introduction or presentation. The anxiety might rise to such a level that few even faint. Eventually, this will take a toll on their confidence and personality and mold them into people who cannot speak for themselves. A good number of them will fall into the clutches of alcohol and drugs like marijuana due to frustration and disappointment. This is where CBD comes in.

Unlike alcohol and THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana), CBD is not addictive or psychoactive. It is highly recommended to ease nerves before a stage performance or talk. Using CBD for anxiety is very common and it is even advised by doctors.

Psychological Health

Enrolling in a college is not easy. There will be assignments, tests, activities, and other functions that will enable students to grow emotionally and intellectually. In the process to grow, students will have to take up new challenges which might require patience and persistence. Also, taking up new workloads, and thoughts about future plans might affect their mental health. CBD, with its calming properties, is known to help students suffering from such mental ailments by easing their body and mind.

Uneasiness In The body

It has become a common practice for students who are athletic to become a part of the university athletic team. Such students might frequently suffer from joint pain and muscle cramps after workout and training sessions. Further, physical injuries caused while performing athletic activities like running or playing games are another source of pain. CBD is a relief in such situations. Not only is it good for relieving stress and anxiety, but it is also beneficial as a pain killer. In fact, the World Health Organisation has supported the use of CBD as a pain killer.

Lack Of Sleep

Students basically need to undertake a lot of extracurricular and curricular activities at their institution. Because of these continuous activities, they might be occupied continuously and may not enjoy an uninterrupted and sound sleep. There are also many students who sleep very less due to their part-time works. Psychological disturbances can also disrupt sleep and leave them tired in the morning. Due to the lack of sleep, their body will not be able to repair and rejuvenate itself. The cells of their body will not be repaired, which might lead to serious diseases in the later stages of their life. CBD is known for its calming properties which induce sleep and is highly recommended as a sleeping aid.

From the above points, we can conclude that CBD can be of use to treat stress, depression, pain, anxiety, and, sleeplessness in students. Further, CBD and learning are connected, as it has also been claimed to increase focus, which will also benefit them. As the use of CBD is not reported to have any severe side effects, it is a reliable cure to their problems. So, it is advisable for university students suffering from the above-mentioned difficulties to use CBD. However, it is better to consult a doctor for a second opinion before you consume it.