How To Cook With CBD Oil?

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CBD Oil Reviews

Cannabidiol or CBD is produced from the buds of hemp plants. It is gaining popularity due to its many medical and therapeutic qualities such as anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Few of the popular products are CBD oil, vape oil, tinctures, creams and lotions, shampoos and sprays. Of all CBD oil is the most popular since it can be consumed in multiple ways especially with food. It is not psychoactive due to the low levels of THC content.

Why CBD Oil for Cooking?

It has been found that many of the lifestyle diseases in the modern world are caused by anxiety and stress. The root causes of diseases such as depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, diabetes and low immunity are stress. The relaxing and calming effects of CBD will help us in preventing such diseases because of its influence on the endocannabinoid system of our body. Consuming CBD can also help to improve our appetite. Hence there are benefits and uses of CBD oil by incorporating it in our food preparations.

Cooking With CBD Oil

This is a popular method to take CBD oil and there are many ways in which you can add it into the dishes that are prepared. For those who do not want to consume CBD oil directly, this is a good option. But, there are some important points that you must bear in mind to ensure that you get the benefits.

  • USE WITH FAT/OIL: It is good to combine CBD oil with ingredients that contain fats or oils such as milk, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil etc. This is because the cannabinoids of CBD oil are fat and oil soluble.
  • AVOID HEAT: Every oil or fat has a point beyond which it smokes and breaks down and this is called the smoke point. When combining with fat or oil choose that has a higher smoke point. When the CBD oil is heated to this point it disintegrates and is less effective. It is better to choose recopies that can be made at room temperatures or can be refrigerated.
  • DOSE: For those who are starting to use CBD oil for cooking it is better to add a smaller dose into the recipe. You should also know that the dosage varies among individuals. When preparing several dishes it is better to spread the drops such that the dosage is spread among different servings.

Some of the recipes that can be made by adding CBD oils are popsicles, cookies, brownies, as salad dressing, post-workout bites, pasta and smoothies. When buying check CBD oil reviews to ensure that you buy the best product available.