How Your Body Absorb CBD?

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CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

People are now using a wide variety of CBD products to get the health benefits provided by this hemp-derived compound. The CBD present in these products will have to be absorbed by the body for having the desired effects. The absorption of CBD can be dependent on a large number of factors including the method you use to consume this compound, the concentration and dosage of the product, the specialties of your body, etc. Therefore, the amount of CBD absorbed by your body can vary greatly.

When you ingest CBD, it will enter the bloodstream and reach different parts of your body for eliciting different CBD benefits. Similarly, it is possible for you to apply CBD directly to your skin for dealing with different skin diseases. Therefore, the method of absorption of CBD can vary based on the methods for taking CBD. Below, we list some important information about the absorption of CBD by your body based on different methods used for consuming.

Absorption After Ingestion

Most people choose to take CBD orally because of the wide range of oral CBD products available in the market. You may choose to take CBD oil, tinctures, isolates, etc. directly through your mouth. In addition to this, other products like CBD pills, capsules, edibles, beverages, etc. are also available that are specifically designed for assisting the oral consumption of this compound.

When these products are consumed, they will be processed by the digestive system. After this, the compounds will reach the hepatic portal system, from where it is carried to the liver by the portal vein. The liver will metabolize the molecules of CBD which is commonly known as the “first-pass effect”. Then the CYP450 enzymes will act upon CBD thereby reducing its concentration and the remaining compounds will be passed into the bloodstream.

Absorption After Sublingual Consumption

It does not involve digestion and metabolism. Here the mucous membranes present in the mouth will absorb the CBD directly into the bloodstream. Therefore, CBD will reach the bloodstream quickly when compared to oral consumption.

Absorption After Inhalation

When you inhale CBD, such as through smoking or vaporization, this compound will be absorbed in the alveoli present in the lungs. Then it will be directly transferred to the bloodstream which facilitates the fast delivery of CBD into the bloodstream.

Absorption After Applying Topically

When you apply CBD topically, this compound is not absorbed into the bloodstream. Instead, it will interact with the cannabinoid receptors present in the area where you applied the CBD.

Different methods are used for taking CBD, and the absorption of CBD by your body can vary based on these methods. Therefore, you have to choose a method that can provide you the desired CBD benefits effectively.