Possible Side Effects Of CBD

Side Effects Of CBD
Side Effects Of CBD
Side Effects Of CBD
Side Effects Of CBD

CBD is one of the medicinal supplements that have become popular among the people within a few years of its emergence. Due to its therapeutic benefits, a lot of people are regularly using it for the treatment of many conditions like pain, anxiety, depression, etc. Even though it is beneficial for so many people, some of the users are experiencing some adverse effects due to its usage.

There is no risk of toxicity or overdose associated with CBD because a normal human body is capable of tolerating 1500mg of CBD per day. Since there are no potentially harmful elements in CBD, it will not be able to intoxicate the user. However, the effect of CBD will be different in different people. This is the main reason for the ill effects experienced by some of the CBD users. Some of the common side effects of CBD are as follows.

Dryness In Mouth

This is an effect experienced by most of the CBD users. This is caused because the submandibular gland, the gland that produces saliva, has cannabinoid receptors. Therefore, while consuming CBD orally or while vaping CBD, it will get interacted with these receptors and it will restrict saliva production for a short period. Drinking water immediately after consuming CBD is the best way to overcome this condition faster.


Since there is no THC in a CBD product, it will not make people feel sleepy or drowsy. But there are some CBD products specifically made for improving sleep and for the treatment of insomnia. These products will also not be having any traces of THC but will be having other cannabinoids that can activate the sleep hormone. Therefore, checking the product type before usage will help in evading this situation.

Decrease In Blood Pressure

CBD is an effective medicine for those people suffering from hypertension because it helps in reducing the blood pressure and controlling the heartbeat. However, this property of CBD may lead to some adverse effects in some people because it may reduce the blood pressure of people having normal blood flow. This will result in dizziness or lightheadedness in people. This condition can be avoided by consuming low concentrate CBD products.

The above mentioned effects of CBD are only found in a small group of people and it may be because of their physical characteristics. Since CBD is a new product, there is still no sufficient evidence to prove its negative effects.