Popular Cannabis Extraction Methods

Cannabis Extraction
Cannabis Extraction
Cannabis Extraction
Cannabis Extraction

The cannabis industry is rapidly progressing as more and more people are becoming aware of the wide range of benefits these plants carry. As a result of this, a lot of manufacturers are now offering a variety of cannabis products. This plant contains a large number of compounds that can be beneficial for humans.

A lot of products are available in the market that is produced from cannabis and hemp plants. Manufacturers use various methods for extracting different compounds present in these plants. Knowing about these methods is important for you when buying cannabis products, as they can greatly affect the quality of the products. Hence, Halo, one of the best manufacturers of cannabis products in the US, lists different cannabis extraction methods and their properties for your knowledge.

Solvent Extraction

This is one of the commonly used methods for cannabis extraction, as it is easy to perform and is very cost-effective. Ethanol and butane are the common solvents that are used for this extraction method. A lot of manufacturers use this method for producing cannabis extract.

Even though it is very cheap to perform, this method has some drawbacks too. When ethanol is used for extraction, it will pull out the chlorophyll along with other compounds. This can give a bitter taste for the cannabis extract.

Butane can leave behind residual solvents in the extract which can be toxic. This can cause lung irritation in people. Hence, this is not considered the safest method among different cannabis extraction methods.

Olive Oil

This method is used by people for creating cannabis extracts on their own. It uses olive oil for extracting the compounds present in the plant materials, so it is safe to consume. Moreover, it is very simple to perform. You have to heat the plant materials first for activating the compounds present in them. Then heat it together with olive for extracting the compounds. After this, you will get a mixture of olive oil and cannabis extract.

CO2 Extraction

This is considered as the safest and most efficient method for deriving cannabis extract. It uses supercritical CO2 for the extraction process. Therefore, it won’t leave any residual solvents in the extract. Even if small quantities of CO2 is present in the extract, it will not create any health problems. Hence, most reputed manufacturers use this method for producing high-quality cannabis products.

The methods used for cannabis extraction can have a huge impact on the safety and quality of the product. Therefore, knowing about these methods can be beneficial for you to choose a product that can be suitable for you.