Things to Consider While Using CBD Oils for Cats

CBD And Fertility
CBD And Fertility
Use CBD For Pets
Use CBD For Pets

The use of CBD for pets, mainly in dogs and cats, has grown popularly, and there is a lot of confusion regarding its usage. Every pet owner should be knowing what CBD should be used for, whether it is legal or not. They should also know the major difference between Cannabis, marijuana, hemp, THC, and cannabidiol.

Knowing if a CBD product is effective, safe and legal to use for your pet is of great concern which helps in avoiding any possible harm for your pet.

Is Using CBD Safe for Cats?

Unfortunately, there was only a little research that was done making the effects of CBD on cats as the subject. A few anecdotal reports suggested that using CBD might be safe for cats, though its effectiveness has not yet proved to date. For the same reason, it is always safe to use CBD products on your cat only under veterinary supervision.

Why is the Use of CBD Oils Popular for Cats?

Most cat owners like to give effective as well as a safe treatment for their pets. Some medications seem to have negative side effects on them; it can also be ineffective on certain issues in cats. Some of the early researches and studies revealing the success of CBD oil in both humans and dogs have made it more popular to be used in cats.

A few cat owners were seen to be reporting great success in treating many problems in their pets that were treated using CBD oil, after not being able to see results by the use of other products. However, it is important to keep in mind those dogs and cats process supplements and medications in different ways and that the effectiveness of CBD products is still under study.

Risks and Concerns while Using CBD on Cats

As there was not any research that was done supporting the safety of using CBD products in cats, its use cannot be advised. The possible side effects on using it on cats are still unknown, especially when it is used for the long term.

Along with a lack of studies and researches, finding a pure and consistent source for getting CBD is another major concern. There are no regulations regarding the wide manufacturing of CBD – therefore, the available products might contain only a little or even active ingredient of it. There are also chances for it to be contaminated by other harmful substances. It is always better to consult your veterinarian before treating your cat using CBD products.